Texas A&M Traditions


Bonfire Memorial

Texas A&M experienced a tragedy that shook it to its innermost being.


The Aggie family grieved the loss of 12 Aggies and the injury of 27 more when a Bonfire fell that November morning at 2:42 a.m. Over two decades later, that grief remains as we remember those we lost.



We stand with the Aggie community as we carry with us the memory of those we lost, and we softly answer, "Here".
A Spirit Can Ne'er Be Told


In the days following the collapse, A&M came together the way only Aggies can. The close-knit community became even closer, showing the world that to be an Aggie means being a part of a family. Aggies and countless others who grieved with them, including former President George H.W. Bush, came to College Station to mourn the loss and to comfort one another.
The game against Texas that year was a day of remembrance for the lives lost in the tragedy. The Texas band honored the Aggies with a tribute during their halftime show, including an incredibly moving rendition of Amazing Grace. The win over Texas was especially poignant that day, but the togetherness of those in Kyle Field and Aggies around the world was the most meaningful and lasting comfort. Brian Gamble, the A&M linebacker responsible for sealing A&M's win with a now-historic recovered fumble, said,
"I knew God and the 12 Aggies were looking down on us today. We fought so hard. It showed we were meant to win this game. It was just an overflow of emotion with all the hard times we've been through.


The Aggie spirit will always press on. Always rise. Always remember.


"We will remember them as long as there is a Texas A&M and the Aggie spirit are alive. And that, my friends, is forever."
      - Former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, Class of 72