The History Saw ’Em Off

Saw ‘Em Off,  a phrase and symbol that is associated with the deep rivalry between Texas A&M University and The University of Texas, is also related to the story of two Aggies who took on The University of Texas over the use of the Saw ’Em Off logo and the Aggie community who supported them.  

Although the Aggies and the Longhorns first met on the field in 1894, the official Saw ‘Em Off logo was not invented until the early 1990s when Aggie college students created it and then later sold it to Fadi & Hege Kalaouze for use in their retail store, Aggieland Outfitters.  However, the real fight for Saw ’Em Off began after Thanksgiving Day in 2007. The Aggies, led by Coach Francione, beat their Big 12 Conference rivals 38 - 30 in front of 82,600 people at Kyle Field on A&M's campus.  The Aggies’ “rough, tough, real stuff” was put to the test when, on the heels of this stunning upset victory against the t-sips right here in Aggieland, t.u. filed a lawsuit against Aggieland Outfitters in an attempt to stop the use of the exclusive “Saw ‘Em Off” logo.  

Faced with intimidation and the possible loss of their business, the Kalaouzes, with overwhelming support from Aggies far and near, were able to hold their ground and fight back against the t-sips.  In the end, an amicable settlement was reached, and the “Saw ‘Em Off” symbol would live on, slightly altered, and continues to represent the fighting spirit of the Aggies to this day.  The successful settlement was largely due to the overwhelming Aggie community support of the Save Saw ‘Em Off Campaign.  Humbled by the outpouring of support from their fellow Aggies, the Kalaouze family set up the annual “Saw ‘Em Off” scholarship consisting of  $12,000 in scholarship funds given to students who attend Texas A&M.   The amount of $12,000 was intentional and about the 12th Man tradition where at Texas A&M, the entire student body is the 12th Man. They stand during the whole game to show their support.  The 12th Man is always in the stands waiting to be called upon if needed, much like the Aggie community supported Aggieland Outfitters when their help was needed to save Saw ’Em Off. A portion of sales from official Saw ‘Em Off products at Aggieland Outfitters benefit the Saw ‘Em Off Scholarship Fund.

Fast forwarding to 2024 and the deep rivalry that ended with the Aggies leaving the Big 12 for the prestigious SEC in 2012 is back in play as t.u. will rejoin the SEC in the highly competitive and anticipated 2024 season. 

Sawyer Horns, the official mascot of Saw ‘Em Off, first appeared briefly after t.u. announced they were joining the SEC.  Sawyer says he’s “patiently waiting for 2024…” so that he can “SAW ‘EM OFF!” and with Sawyer’s playful look and quirky attitude, Saw ‘Em Off will continue to represent the passionate rivalry that dates back 130 years!

A personality on most social media platforms and as timeless as the tradition itself, Sawyer aims to spread the Saw ‘Em Off Tradition.  While he’s most comfortable in his hometown of College Station, Sawyer’s looking forward to traveling and sharing the tradition with Aggies everywhere.  Follow him on social media to see what he’s up to @SawyerHorns!